The Idea to Create a Butterfly Aviary

The Tropique de Papillon is the fruit of several years of research. It is a private enterprise which exists without grants or any other support. The business is sustained only by the entrance fees and product sales.


Originally a nursery gardener of rare sub tropical plants, Alain Bruno set up his own business in Elne in the Pyrénées-Orientales in 1992. One of his customers ordered plantations for a butterfly breeding farm. He was seduced and he then decided to build his own aviary.
Since then, his whole family has become passionate about lepidoptera and each, in his/her turn, entered the structure, giving a family character to the way you will be received. The desire to pass on this accumulated passion and to share these moments of beauty has orientated all the installations: aviary, gardens and snack bar. The atmosphere aims to be friendly and peaceful.

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