The Tropical Garden

The tropical garden is a real biotope in which the temperature, humidity and the luminosity, are all controlled.
You will discover numerous species of rare plants: Aristolochia gigantea , Bohenia, tree ferns from Australia, a collection of passion flowers, thunbergia alata, beaumontia, murraya paniculata , lotus, musa, guava and a wide selection of subtropical plants.

A Journey into the Heart of the Rain Forest!

Apart from botanical interest or aestheticism, the choice of plants also takes into consideration the butterflies’ and the caterpillars’ food needs.
The butterflies’ main food is the nectar and pollen from flowers. So, the garden of the greenhouse is widely decorated with flowers. (Lantanas / passionfruit etc.).
Numerous host plants are present to allow the caterpillars to feed and to assure the reproduction of the butterflies.