Explore as a family…

Here, a courtship display circles around you; over there two butterflies mate under the leaves of a Murraya.
A butterfly beats its wings fervently to the rhythm of the aviary, in static flight in front of a flower and extracts the pollen from inside; a little farther away a butterfly unfolds its probiscus, then gathers a very ripe banana placed in the centre of a plate. All the family admires a coloured caterpillar Extend the visit in a nice Mediterranean garden.
A moment of relaxation where you can share our passion and we can show you the fascinating and hidden world of butterflies. It´s also an opportunity for us to make the public and schools aware of how useful butterflies are in nature and to inform people about the small gestures that can be made to protect them.
There is even a small cinema where an educational movie is shown… which roams along a stalk to devour the fresh leaves of a passionflower.

A Non-Stop Show

A butterfly hatches and unfolds its wings in a few minutes, eggs are delicately put under a banana tree leaf; a caterpillar metamorphoses; ocelli on the wings of the butterflies seem to watch you; a butterfly is attracted by your scent or your flowery dress and settles on you …

Every scene stops you in your tracks