On exiting the aviary, one hectare of pleasure awaits you

It is a pleasing contrast to the inside of the aviary.

We go from of a tropical, humid, luxuriant and dense atmosphere similar to an equatorial forest, to a Mediterranean atmosphere where plants are chosen according to the dry and hot climate of the Pyrénées Orientales. A snack bar is installed in the centre of this garden, opposite a big kikouyou flowerbed where the children can enjoy themselves doing roly polies and playing ball games.

A new space, a new stroll, new sensations just for enjoyment, time for a break!
Bamboo filters the light and gives airs of a labyrinth to the garden.
Benches and ponds give rhythm to the route and arbours provide shade to prolong the pleasure.
The scenography of the journey we propose, is elaborated with natural materials (bamboo / driftwood / stones from the dry stoned walled terraces of vineyards) emphasizing the flower beds.
This garden aims to be simple and natural so you can feel relaxed there.


Botany lovers, you are not forgotten!

The various collections of Mediterranean plants (lavenders, phlomis, cistuses, sages, thymes, etc.) blossom as the seasons go by and are highlighted by numerous grasses.
For a Mediterranean gardener, the drought has become a major problem. Hot and dry summers, and violent winds are frequent.
Rather than fight against this established fact, it is better to plant plants adapted to this environment.
The garden of the Tropique du Papillon was designed this way: all the plants present are of Mediterranean origin making it possible to garden in a way which respects these conditions and saves water, a precious resource in our region.

Gradually, new parts of this garden open to the public. This is the case for the 2016 season. The ground, originally bare, has been modelled and planted since 2009. Still in its early stages, the flowerbeds fill out year by year. The construction of a big pond is in progress which will be surrounded by flowery meadows to allow our dear nectar gatherers to work and exist.