If you see a butterfly, you know it will be a fine day tomorrow!

With it’s grace and lightness the white butterfly announces springtime.
Situated at Elne, between St. Cyprien and Argelès-Sur-Mer, the sun always shines at the Tropique du Papillon.

An Exotic, Fun and Educational Experience

Welcome to this tropical land.
That’s it! You are immersed in the natural environment of hundreds of tropical butterflies from Asia and Latin America, all flying freely.

Admire the light flight of the butterflies all around you in a tropical garden among flowers and rare plants. You will see them closely and if you’re lucky a butterfly may even settle on your shoulder …

An Extraordinary Show

Your children will have many questions… A specialist will be able to answer the questions of young and old alike, teach you to observe the world of insects and tell you about the life of the butterfly and its environment. All the family can marvel watching the butterflies hatch, looking for eggs under leaves, admiring caterpillars eating or transforming into chrysalises. You are the new explorers!

The Mediterranean Garden

Extend the visit in a nice Mediterranean garden.
A moment of relaxation where you can share our passion and we can show you the fascinating and hidden world of butterflies. It´s also an opportunity for us to make the public and schools aware of how useful butterflies are in nature and to inform people about the small gestures that can be made to protect them.
There is even a small cinema where an educational film is shown…

A Small break “At the end of the world”

And yes, we’ve thought of everything! After the heat and the humidity of the butterfly aviary, you will migrate naturally towards the refreshment area outside to relax, play and extend this unique experience.

Do you really know the butterfly?
Do you know what its life expectancy is?
What are its peculiarities?
The Tropique du Papillon is a magical place which will reveal everything about these majestic insects!